Brandi Potter Photography

I'm not a traditional photographer You won’t find faked moments or awkward smiles within my work. Why? Because you’ll look at these photos later in life and know it wasn’t real. If you’re concerned about getting dirty or just want me to show up and shoot, then I’m not the photographer for you, and that’s fine. It doesn’t hurt my feelings if you decide to go in a different direction, and I’d be more than happy to help connect you with photographers who may be that perfect fit.

Why I’m a Wedding Photographer by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

When I first started shooting weddings I was miserable. I was so anxious before every wedding that I truly wanted to quit and focus on a different type of photography. It took me awhile to get over the nervousness, but once I did I realized that I excelled in the fast past situations a wedding day gives. Weddings are all I want to do, and what I put all of my focus into now, and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

I don’t do this to be “insta famous”, or for the money, because honestly it’s hard to get ahead with both of those things. If you aren’t getting the features or paying for followers you’re probably not going to have that social media cred some photographers crave. And it can be really hard to project your annual income when you have no guarantee you’re going to get work. Both things make this job incredibly stressful, because

  1. It’s shoved in our face that if we aren’t getting high numbers on social media that we aren’t worth our asking price.
  2. Unless you’re shooting 30-50 weddings a year at a mid-high range, you’re probably barely scraping by with your income (Obviously that all depends on the person and their bill/savings situation & location).

A lot of photographers are in this for the wrong reasons, and I can’t say that I wasn’t the same way when I was new. It took time for me to figure out how important this job is and what it really means to me.

I love watching the jittery excitement through bridal prep, and seeing all of the perfectly planned little details that make your wedding unique. I love seeing the love in the room and the way the brides Mom looks at her while she’s putting her dress on, and the way her Dad cries upon seeing her for the first time. I love watching my couples have their first looks and have all of the nervous energy fade away upon seeing one another. I love seeing the parents faces as their children walk down the aisle to their loves, and when they read their vows to one another. I love the happiness that fills the room during the reception, and the look in your eyes at the end of the night when you realize you’re married.

I’m not there to control the day or to control what happens. The wedding is not about me or any other vendor, we’re all just there to do our jobs and to make sure the day runs smoothly. I’m there to capture REAL moments that show the day as it was, and to show who my couples really are. It really makes my heart swell knowing that the people who hire me trust me with such an important task.

So for me at least, being a wedding photographer is about creating heirlooms my clients and their family will be able to look back on for generations. My couples and their families are important to me and not just people who hand me money. I just want to show them that through giving them memories that last a lifetime.