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The Loeb Boathouse Wedding, Makenna + Jamie


For some reason when I read “Loeb boathouse” that’s definitely not what I was expecting, and the venue is GORGEOUS. I also am absolutely in love with the photos on the stairs, the other people really make the photo exciting to look at and give it movement.

OH MY goodness! These photos are absolutely magical! The Loeb Boathouse looks so beautiful, but my favorites were the ones on the steps! Their first look was also incredible, I loved all the people who were watching!

woah the Loeb Boathouse is STUNNING! I am a huge fan of all the group shots in the park with all the passersby <3 LOVE THIS BRANDI!

Seriously this Loeb Boathouse wedding is GORGEOUS! What a great job! I felt like I was there.

I love how you incorporated the crowds of the city instead of trying to avoid them! So cool!

My goodness Brandi, what a stunning and amazing wedding. The Loeb Boathouse looks like such a perfect place to wed. Also that first look location is so awesome!!

Oh my goshhh, her gown is to die for and what a beautiful group of people! I love your use of lighting at Loeb Boathouse, it came out so beautifully.

I agree with everyone else, those ones on the steps are SO COOL. I love this. The Loeb Boathouse looks so neat, and you blew this wedding out of da parkkkk.. You’re so good.