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Frankfort Horse Farm Wedding, Christine & Brandon


this is super lovely, Brandi! I just adore all the light you had that day -especially the ceremony… beautiful!

Okay, could the venue BE any more perfect?!?! These images are amazing!

oh my goodness, these images are amazing! You captured their wedding day perfectly!

Wow, this wedding (and the photos) are just perfection!!

Wowza! Such incredible work, Brandi! Love everything about this wedding- those colors, that golden light, the venue and the party at the reception!

These are beautiful! Especially the sparkler exit at the end!

Wow, this wedding at the Frankfort Horse Farm looks so intimate and beautiful!

So much emotion packed into one post! I adore these – beautifully shot <3

Okay, wait, their day was SO BEAUTIFUL!! And you captured it so wonderfully! I love all of the emotions that you captured for them!

Oh… my word. This horse farm wedding is just so gorgeous. The color tones, the emotions, all of it is just perfect.

This horse farm wedding is stunning! You got so many touching shots that made great use of the scenery! I think that the two drink photographs after the ceremony are my favourite though :)