You've found your soulmate and you're getting married

that's pretty damn exciting if you ask me

If you've made it this far you care about your images being cinematic and conveying emotion. You want the REAL moments, while also feeling like your wedding photos could be hanging in a museum. 

You crave having an experience you can obsess over later, instead of just hiring someone to 'get the job done'. You should feel loved and cared about through the entire process, and like you have a friend who understands weddings can be VERY stressful at times. 

Destinations are my bread and butter

I'll travel anywhere near and far.

I love experiencing new places and people and it really just gives me a creative boost when I get to see so many parts of the world I wouldn't have been able to without photography.

2018/2019 Travel Dates

October 3-10th 2018
LA, San Jose, & Yosemite
November 2-4 2018
November 5-7 2018
Las Vegas
December 28-2 2018/2019
Paris, France
January 2-4 2019
Budapest, Hungary
January 4-6, 2019
Stockholm, Sweden
January 6-8, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic
January 8-10, 2019
Nuremberg, Germany
January 7-21 2019
Portland, Oregon
April 8-15 2019
April 26-30 2019
Malibu, CA
May 2-5, 2019
Seattle, WA
October 3-7 2019
Greenville, South Carolina
October 20-24
Cle Elum, WA

A little about me

- I have two dogs, both named for Futurama characters, Zapp & Fry. Zapp is a corgi/papillon mix that's a lovable jerk and Fry is a 42lb Boston terrier (it's not all fat) that has epilepsy.
-My hair is normally a wild mess and it may or may not be a different color when I shoot your wedding.
-I have quite a few visible tattoos.
-Travel is my biggest passion and I'm determined to see as much of this world as I can.
-I really love plants and have between 70-80... in my bedroom.
-I started bouldering this year to help relieve stress and to workout. It's one of the most rewarding and terrifying things that I do, but I love the challenge.
-Planning on splitting my time 50/50 between Kentucky and the West Coast, and I'm so excited to discover all of the amazing places that I haven't seen.

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