Brandi Potter Photography

I'm not a traditional photographer You won’t find faked moments or awkward smiles within my work. Why? Because you’ll look at these photos later in life and know it wasn’t real. If you’re concerned about getting dirty or just want me to show up and shoot, then I’m not the photographer for you, and that’s fine. It doesn’t hurt my feelings if you decide to go in a different direction, and I’d be more than happy to help connect you with photographers who may be that perfect fit.

Sun & Moon Wedding Inspiration by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

I’m obsessed with the moon and the stars and I’ve had a loose version of this shoot in my head for quite some time. Originally I just wanted to do a celestial themed shoot, which I still may do, and have a slinky silver dress and a ton of silver and blue details. Then one day I just decided that I was going to throw this Sun and Moon themed shoot together and make it work with my new branding.

When I first started looking for their outfits I still wanted to make her the moon and put her in a silver or pale blue dress, but then I found his blazer and instantly changed my mind. I was able to score the blazer and the gold dress on Amazon (I will totally send you the links if you want them) for less than $100. I also bought the plates, place settings, and flukes from pier one the same day I decided to do this shoot. We decided to run in to check some things out and I ended up finding the perfect place settings. All the little bottles came from hobby lobby or Michaels. I hand painted all the black pillar candles with acrylic paint because they were on sale, and I didn’t want to pay triple to order black ones. I also hand painted the cake and attached the painted candles to it. It’s literally a dummy cake covered in clay that I painted while watching American Horror Story.

I did hire a friend of my to do the flowers this time though, because I didn’t think I was up to the challenge of doing everything I wanted for this shoot. Brooke did exactly what I hoped for, and was always a joy to work with. I also commissioned the Macrame hanging from a friend and she drove it in from Asheville for me, AND THEN she stayed the entire weekend and shot a double wedding weekend with me.

I’m beyond lucky to know other such amazing artists and to have snagged Courtney and Drew as models. I wanted a real couple and I got one of the cutest, most in love couples in the area. I don’t think I could have pulled this shoot off without the help of them and I’m so grateful.

Models: Courtney & Drew | Florist: Fields in Bloom | Macrame Wall Hanging: The Living Wall | Candle Sticks and Copper Arch: Susan Jordan | Studio Space: Lightbox Louisville