Writing about Brandi, I’m not really sure where to even begin. It’s hard to put in words how I feel about her, what she means to me as a person, and what her work as my photographer has meant to me throughout my engagement and wedding experience. I first met Brandi when I was just a Freshman in high school, and what I remember so clearly is that she was one of the first people to welcome me and my twin sister to the school and make us feel like we were at home. We were completely new to the community, didn’t know a soul, and to have her be so kind and loving towards us meant absolutely everything. We cheered together, and Brandi probably doesn’t even remember but I recall one game day her taking us to her house to get ready because for some reason we weren’t going to have a ride to get there. I even found a note I had from her in an old wallet that I kept all these years inviting me and my sister to go to a diner after school with her to hang out and eat some good food. I say all of this because every memory I have of Brandi shows that, even as a teenager, she’s always been so incredibly kind and caring. It’s so hard to find people like that, and even harder to find them stay that way after years go by.
When I got engaged and started planning, I knew right away that I wanted Brandi as my photographer. Me and my close friends always looked at her work and were in love with it, so as soon as I started getting things together I started getting screenshots from my best friends of Brandi’s pictures saying that they couldn’t wait for me to have my own. To put plainly, her work is astounding. Gorgeous, mind-blowing, one of a kind, I could go on and on. She has such tremendous skill in her work that I haven’t ever seen before, and it is so unique and different than what you typically get when dealing with a wedding photographer. I don’t mean that rudely, but there’s just a certain style that’s very common that I never wanted for myself, and as soon as I saw Brandi’s work, I knew she got what I was talking about. It’s so incredibly classy and romantic, but more stylish and artistic than what I have ever seen before. The editing she uses, the poses that she does, it really looks like it would be in a high fashion magazine. Her work is just incredible. I’ve always been in to different styles than what is usually the norm, but not so far out from it that it’s too much or too far out there. Brandi seriously nails it. It’s like she took all the colors from movie pictures that always stood out to me and put them in my pictures. And what’s insane is that I didn’t even have to tell her. She knew what I had in mind from just being around me and from me telling her what movies and music that I loved, and she just envisioned my vision all on her own. How insane is that? I don’t know how many people could ever say their photographer did this for them. She caters to her clients specifically, and makes their pictures in every way about who they truly are as a couple. Down to the poses. Down to the lighting. Down to the editing. Put simply, it’s insane. And she listens. Even when you don’t think she is, she’s listening and she’s putting all this little details into making your pictures everything you’ve been dreaming of.
Not only is Brandi’s work phenomenal, but she is the most phenomenal person. My personality has always been very friendly and loving, but I’ve seen in life that a lot of people don’t have this same trait. Far from it, actually, whether it’s just people you meet socially or people you work with professionally. I’ve literally dealt with a photographer when I was in my early 20’s who stole fifty dollars from me, didn’t take my pictures, and then tried to make me feel “hard up” for wanting it back.  That blew my mind and still blows my mind when I think about it today. Even just when my wedding planning started, people were so rude and wouldn’t even respond to my messages when I inquired about a service or asked about a venue. I had professional people tell me they were going to do something, then go completely MIA and never hear back from them again. I couldn’t believe that anyone would conduct a business this way when customer service is literally what business is about, especially when it comes to the wedding sector. People should absolutely not go into the wedding business in any regard if they don’t have a love for people and want to make them feel special. Bottom line. But Brandi is the farthest thing from these people that I have ever met.
When I messaged Brandi online and asked her to do my pictures, she responded immediately. And I mean immediately. She wasn’t short, or rude, and she didn’t act like she had better things to do. She was incredibly sweet, and immediately made me feel like my photos were a top priority, and more important than that, that my experience and happiness in all of this was what mattered the most to her. She messaged me throughout the whole process from start to finish just to see how I was doing, and I always felt so comfortable coming to her for any help or suggestions on things, or just to show her pictures of things I had gotten together so far.  She was always interested and always made me feel special. Honestly, she just did everything right.
I was lucky enough to have not one, but two engagement sessions with Brandi. I wanted to take woodsy pictures, so when Brandi mentioned Red River Gorge I knew that’s where I wanted to go. The weather wasn’t cooperating with us when it came picture time, and I was really worried because I hadn’t gotten my invites out yet and was afraid it was going to be too late. And what did Brandi do? The sweet little angel that she is told me that we could take pictures at a park near her that day instead so I could have my invites, and that she’d take me to the Gorge to take pictures on another day when it was prettier. Does it seriously get any better than that? Even on my second session day when I was late and flustered running around my house, she literally came over and sat with my dog Zaine (who is the love of my life) and didn’t get aggravated with me for the first second. I mean no attitude whatsoever. She just hung out and smiled while I ran around naked trying to get my things together. Seriously, I just love this girl.
We hadn’t ever taken professional pictures before, so I was a little nervous because I really wanted them to turn out well and was afraid I’d be giggling the whole time. Posing and stuff like that has always cracked me up, so I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to keep a straight face. I can seriously say now that if I could have Brandi take my pictures every day I would do it and LOVE it! I loved taking pictures with her! She completely told us how to work it while keeping it natural and not too posy at the same time. You definitely need direction and good posing when you take pictures, but Brandi caught us just being ourselves at the same time and combined them together perfectly. I’m telling you, I would pose for that girl ANY day. Me and Kevin felt like little models with her, plus we just got to love on each other the whole time like we always do. It’s something that I know we are always going to remember because it was really special to us, and we had so much fun doing it.
I really can’t even begin to describe how perfect my wedding day was, and how much Brandi played a role in helping to make it that way. The day before the wedding, she met with me at the floral department where I was delivering my flowers just to touch base with me and to explain how the next day was going to be. Not only did she meet with me in person to do this, but she stood with me and admired how gorgeous my flowers were and waited while I figured out the last details for them. I was on my way out of the store with Kevin when I realized I hadn’t went grocery shopping for my bridesmaids, and I’ve always hated going grocery shopping by myself. I literally didn’t even have to ask, and the next thing I knew Brandi was by my side for the whole hour I was in the store, helping me find doughnuts and everything else that I needed. Just thinking about that makes me want to cry, because down to every little detail, Brandi was there for me. It just doesn’t really get any sweeter than that.
Like I said, my wedding day was just perfect. Brandi got there super early and immediately started helping out and snapping pictures. Anything I needed she did for me without hesitation, down to helping me pick my hairstyle and watching Zaine and making sure he was staying out of trouble. I was so emotional and so happy the whole day I could hardly stand myself, and Brandi just hugged me and doted on me just like my family did. She could really see how happy I was and it was so clear to me how happy she was for me. It was a rainy day, so Brandi was there for anything I needed, whether it was holding my dress when I walked in the grass or fixing my veil. My family always calls me the Princess and really treats me like I am one, and so did Brandi. I know I told her that at least a thousand times. After our first look pictures were over and when the actual wedding started, everything just went by so fast. My sister told me that the reception would be chaotic, but I had told her from the beginning I didn’t think it would be. But I was definitely wrong! But it was the best and sweetest chaotic time I’ve ever had. Brandi only left my side when I ate, and was there every step of the way to lead me where I needed to go and make sure that I got the pictures that she knew would mean a lot to me. Even when I didn’t see her, she was taking the sweetest pictures. She got some of me dancing with my grandparents, and when I saw them I really cried. And the details of my decorations! That meant so much to me because I worked so hard on them, and she got every single one with insane clarity. If you want a photographer who is really going to capture your wedding experience, including all the work you put into it and all the love you have in a room, Brandi is no doubt your girl. She captures everything, and she’s an absolute angel while she does it. She not only worked hard to clean up the cabin I was staying in after the wedding, but she even hung out for hours at my after party just because I told her it would mean the world to me if she came. If you think I’m gushing over Brandi, you're absolutely right. I could write 20 pages and it still wouldn’t explain how wonderful she was to me.
I got my wedding pictures back within a week. One week! That is mind blowing, especially since I know for most photographers this takes a really long time. Of course I cried and immediately called her and talked forever about how thrilled I was with everything. We met for lunch not long ago, and we continue to text and check in on each other very often just to see how things are going. I will always grab any chance I get to see or talk to Brandi, because I just adore her so much and she’s so beyond fun to be around. I know this was the most insanely long review that’s probably ever been written, but I really wanted anyone who didn’t know Brandi and had her as one of their choices as a photographer to hopefully see this to confirm, if they had any confusion on who to choose, that Brandi is absolutely the way to go. It’s such a crucial element to find the perfect wedding photographer, and I hope from writing this that I’ve done my best to explain how much you won’t regret it if you use her. I didn't have the intentions of writing so much about my wedding experience with so many details, but because Brandi was so much a part of everything, that's the way this review turned out. And I'm not sorry for it! She’s the best of the best, the sweetest of the sweetest, and I am forever thankful for her!
Shelby & Kevin
Where do I even begin?
I started second shooting with Brandi when I was passionate about pursuing photography. She took me under her wing and answered all my silly questions. Soon after, I got engaged and there was no doubt in my mind I wanted Brandi as my photographer. We became fast friends. It was easy to!
Brandi takes the time to get to know you— she wants to make your vision a reality.
Every photo I have received from her has given me joy; or made me cry.
Her artistry is exceptional and I love her details. On our wedding day, she cried with us.
(I was moving across the country and my mom was emotional the day of.)
Brandi cried with her. She also captured the sweetest photos of me and my mom that day— something I never asked her to but she knew I needed. Those are some of my favorite photos.
She knew I cared about the moments at my wedding and went above and beyond to get me the photos that would strike a chord in me. Some of them still make me cry. She captures emotions and feelings so well— better than any photographer I know. She is someone who is personable and actually wants to get to know her clients.
She has a very unique ethereal style when it comes to wedding photos which is why Rob and I chose her. I cherish the moments she has captured of us. Especially when life throws curveballs. Those photos are a reminder of the love I have and I’ll always be indebted to her for taking them.
Olivia & Rob
There are three characteristics that make an excellent wedding photographer: someone who is 1) extraordinary and passionate about their craft, 2) inclusive and celebratory of you and your partner, and 3) fun and easy to work with.
Brandi Potter is all of these things and more. She has an incredible eye that catches the raw emotions of your special day and presents it in beautiful, earthy photographs that you will have and cherish forever. She goes the extra mile to learn about you and your partner, understand what you are looking for during your wedding day, and makes sure you are at ease and enjoying yourself from that first conversation through your entire wedding journey.
She is completely organic in her entire process - you’ll never feel like you are being awkwardly put in a “wedding template” pose. Every portrait will feel completely natural and authentic, and she will likely make you all smile and laugh during your sessions to keep the mood light and fun. We enjoyed working with her so much that we scheduled another session with her several months after our wedding to do family portraits with our dog!
Lastly, as a same-sex couple, we encountered several instances of vendors turning us away due to “not feeling comfortable photographing a same-sex couple.” Brandi came into our life when our spirits were low and completely turned our experience around with her immediate acceptance, care, and eagerness to be a part of our special day.
Want a photographer who will produce the most stunning and breathtaking pictures? Someone who will make the whole process feel like working with a friend who puts you at ease and has fun with the wedding planning along with you? Brandi is the one and only!

We cannot recommend her enough! We will be forever grateful for her support and the magnificent art she created when capturing one of the most special days of our lives.
Natalie & Juli

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