Questions to Actually Ask Your Photographer

I’ve run across so many of the “questions you should ask your photographer” articles, and it’s just all full of bad advice. While, I’ve only had a couple of people pull out lists from the internet, it’s still a bit annoying to see things like “Do I have to feed you?” or “May I have a list of references?” on every single wedding website out there. It should be assumed that after 8-12 hours of shooting we need to eat, or that we aren’t really going to give out personal information from past clients.

Honestly, none of this is the clients fault. None of it at all. They don’t know that these questions get under our skin. They don’t know that most of the questions on these lists aren’t important for their wedding day. They just know that a huge wedding website tells them it’s important to ask, and that they need to know the answers before booking.

We can also place some of that blame on ourselves for not educating and providing helpful information to our clients and potential clients. It should be noted that if we aren’t the ones helping them that they’re going to default to wedding websites who have consistently put out articles that has the wedding photography world upset.

So here is a list of questions that I think people should actually be asking us, and if any photographers/clients have any suggestions throw them my way and I may add them in.

  1. Do you know how to work with light? Can you shoot in direct sun, in low light, or spotty light? Do you know how to use a flash or any other kind of artificial lighting if needed?
  2. Are you comfortable working alone and being able to capture all of the important moments like the groom seeing the bride coming down the aisle, and the bride actually coming down the aisle? Or do you suggest we have a second shooter as well? (Obviously, this is different for every photographer.)
  3. Can I see at least one full wedding to make sure it’s exactly what I want? (I suggest seeing two for consistency sake)
  4. Are you able to keep going if a camera or lens malfunctions? How would you handle that situation? Would we know or would you deal with it privately without being stressed?
  5. If it rains or the weather is awful, will you be able to come up with creative photos indoors?
  6. How much time do you need to get the photos of family, bridal party, and us?
  7. Should we have someone that helps round up¬†family members for photos? We hear that’s the equivalent of herding cats.
  8. Should we have spotlights and different colored lights on us for the first dance? (Personal preference of the photographer, but I hate having to give photos back with green dots all over people.)
  9. How do we plan for the best light during prep, outdoor ceremonies, and portraits?
  10. When do you prefer to eat?