Mid Day Couples Session by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

Over the summer I watched a lot of movies. I literally put a bunch of my favorites on repeat and laid in bed and soaked them in. This is what I like to do when I’m feeling a bit uninspired or overwhelmed, and it helps me drag myself out of the funk I’m in. One of the movies I like to watch for visual stimuli is Call Me By Your Name. It’s a beautiful movie about summer love in Italy sometime in the 80’s. The color grading and the intimacy throughout the film really inspires me.

I posted a model call to get a couple out in a field during mid day sun dressed in 80’s attire after watching the movie for the 100th time. Someone messaged me and told me that Jordan and Dakota would be perfect for this type of shoot, and I completely agree. Jordan runs her own vintage shop and knew exactly what I was looking for.

The shoot is honestly one of my favorites from the summer. I love shooting during mid day harsh light because it allows me to be more creative with positions and light. Not everything works for this type of light and you’re constantly adjusting positions and face direction to block under eye and nose shadows on faces. You also have to be careful not to cast shadows from one person to the next, so it’s always a good challenge. One of the things I hope to convey while teaching in 2020 is that harsh light isn’t scary and you can make it feel just as beautiful and intimate as softer light. I think I was able to show that on this shoot. I want to encourage all of the photographers reading this to just give it a try if you haven’t. You may enjoy it more than you think!