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So, you want to learn some stuff

Continuing your education as a photographer is one of the most important things you can do. I like to say that you should never feel completely complacent because you're not growing as a photographer if you are.

Even though I'm an educator I still find time to attend workshops and buy guides. I am constantly asking my friends for advice and always looking for good learning opportunities. I want to be learning and pushing my skillset, not only for myself but for my clients as well.

Destination Wedding Photographer
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Every year I pick something new to focus on for the entire year. The first year I did this was light, and then technical aspects of my camera/editing. Last year I chose to work on pushing boundaries creatively and this year I’ll be working on intimacy and connection.

By doing things this way I’ve been able to learn things I wouldn’t have learned from others. I’ve been able to find ways of doing things that I’m comfortable with, and I want to share all that I’m learning with you.

You'll come stay with me for an entire weekend. We'll hang out, we'll cuddle some pups, and you'll be able to ask me absolutely ANYTHING. I'll even set up a full styled shoot for you where we can work on different types of light + posing.

Weekend of Learning + Shoot // $1500
Seattle Wedding Photographer

You'll have 2.5 hours via Video Chat or In Person to discuss whatever you'd like. I'll start by having you send me a list of questions as a starting point and we'll chit chat about whatever comes to mind as we go through them.

One-On-One // $650
Portland Wedding Photographer

Having a kick ass online presence is SO important to your business. Most of us are found via social media or our websites. We should all strive to have the best viewing experience for potential clients that we can. I'll go through your website page by page and we'll discuss it in person or video chat for an hour after I'm done.

Website Review + Social Media Help // $400
Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Ready to learn?

Fill out the form and let me know what you're interested in. We can get to know one another and discuss all of our options.

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