Lexington Couples Session, Tristan + Aaron

Tristan and Aaron’s Lexington Couples Session by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

Tristan is actually my first cousin and is in town with her husband (Aaron) visiting family for Christmas. I’ve been pretty bored so I asked if I could do a session with them while they were here. I took them to the Ashland House, which unfortunately isn’t open on Sundays so I couldn’t take them into the garden. There were about 50 people doing yoga on the lawn so that was  pretty interesting to see. We also went to Gratz Park. Tristan and Aaron almost got married there so I thought it would be neat to go by and take a couple of photos there as well. We ended the day with Chestnut Pralines at Starbucks, which is the perfect way to end things, in my opinion.

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