Investment + FAQ


I really hate missing moments, which is why the smallest wedding collection starts at 8 hours of coverage.
Every collection comes with Edited High Resolution Images via an Online Gallery, specifically for easy sharing with friends and family.
They also come with a USB, so you can always have a keepsake.
For a full price list please click the Hello at the top of the page and send me an email.

Wedding Collections Start at: $2500

Couples/Enagagements: $400

After Wedding Sessions: $600




Do you blog every wedding/session?

Nope. A lot of the times I forget to post certain weddings/sessions. I also don’t like blogging things that look to similar to something I’ve posted previously. I do try to keep my website as fresh and updated as possible.

How many photos will I get?

For normal portrait sessions the average is between 50-65. I average between 400-600 for weddings, but there are so many factors that determine that.

Am I able to print my photos anywhere?

Yes, of course. I love when my clients show off their photos in their home!

Do you take family formals at weddings?

YES! I always make time for this (normally directly after the ceremony).

Do you have backup gear and insurance?

Yes and Yes. I carry two cameras with me at all times, sometimes more, and I have enough lenses/flashes to get me through the day if something were to happen. I also have insurance on my equipment and liability.

Do you travel?

Yes! I love photographing in new places! I’ve photographed weddings in San Diego CA, Captiva FL, Eugene OR, and several other places closer to home.

How do we book and pay?

I do my contracts and payments online. I use a trusty little website called shootq that does everything for me, and keeps everything organized. If you’re ready to sign a contract and pay the retainer please email me!

Is this your real job?

Yes! and I am extremely fortunate that it is!