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How would you describe your style?

It's hard for me to describe. I enjoy deep dark colors, tricky light, and connection. I don't fake moments. I prefer the real stuff and the weird stuff. I guess you could call my style: Creatively Moody Photojournalism? I just made that term up btw, but I dig it.

Malibu wedding Photographer

We don't see a lot of detail shots or family/bridal party photos on your website/social media, do you take those?

Yes absolutely. You’re spending SO MUCH money on your details so of course I’m going to photograph those, but if there is some sort of moment happening, I will choose that over more elaborate detail shots.

I also believe that family photos are some of the most important photos to happen the day of a wedding. Weddings and funerals are some of the only times most families really get together and it’s so important to capture photos of that. People don’t live forever and it’s incredibly important to have those memories.

And as far as bridal party images go, I normally only share the really unique ones that I do. Like when I get blessed with really cool light or a cool venue/art work.

How long have you been shooting weddings, and how experienced are you?

I shot my first wedding in July 2013, and as of writing this (early 2019) I'm up to shooting 130.

Can you fix things in photoshop? Can you make us skinnier? 

I will fix minor things in photoshop, but I won't change your body. You're beautiful the way you are, and it would be a disservice to you if I edited you into someone you weren't. I want to lift you up and photograph you in such a way that you love the way you look.

How many photos will we receive? 

I guarantee 400 edited images for all of my wedding collections (I normally deliver more). I also deliver those images in color and b&w so it's basically like you're getting double.

Can we have the raw files?

No. Part of the beauty in hiring me is that you get a full experience. It's a mix of my vision and my style mixed with your love story.

How long will we have to wait to see our photos?

It depends on the season, but normally within a month. Sometimes it can take as long as a month and a half if I'm shooting a lot at the time.

Where are you based?

I started my business in Kentucky, and I'm here for the moment, but I am moving to Los Angeles. I shoot weddings all over the country and no matter where I am I would love to talk to you about your wedding!

Do you travel? What are your travel fees?

YES! Most of my weddings are destinations for me. All of my collections already have travel built into them, so no hidden fees.

How do we book?

Once we get to know one another and you decide I’m the perfect fit for you, I’ll set you all up in my CRM. I’ll send the contract and invoice for the retainer (40% of the total package) online. The 60% is due a month before the wedding, but you’re able to login to your client portal and pay as you want. You aren’t officially on my calendar until the contract and retainer are paid.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Our venue contract says they receive the copyright of the images, how does that work?

Um, well... honestly it doesn't. I retain all copyright to the images I produce, and they can't really make you give them something you don't have. I'm more than happy to deal with this after the wedding if necessary.

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