Where are you located?

I currently live in Louisville, KY.

Do you travel?

I travel A LOT. For personal and business, and I will basically go anywhere to shoot a wedding. No where is to far, and I have a creative energy boost when I’m experiencing new places/things for the first time!

Did I see that you’re moving to the West Coast?

Yes you did! It’s been a dream of mine to move out west since my first visit to LA in 2012. I originally picked Seattle, but I’m still in the beginning stages of marketing and deciding where I want to live. It’ll be awhile because I want to make sure I’m all set before leaving.

Whats the experience like with you?

I’m going to be spending a lot of time with you at your wedding, so I want to have a connection with you. I get extremely close with my couples and I’m 134% invested in their love stories. I want you to think of me as a friend so it’s a bit less awkward when I shove a camera in your face.

The day of a wedding I’ll be the calm amongst the rest of the craziness. I will be someone you can come to with anything you need and I’ll do my best to make it happen. And I’ll be capturing all of the moments you didn’t realize I was around for. This day is all about you both and I will never take away from that.

Why are you so open about your personal life and the wedding industry on social media?

When I’m struggling or excited or whatever feeling I’m going through, I want to be an open book. Life isn’t just about all of the ups and the social media bragging. I want to be 100% real with the people who are looking to hire me, so they know that my life is just as crazy and complex as theres and that I struggle too. It’s not all just a highlight reel.

I also want my clients, future clients, and prospecting clients to know that I have their back in this crazy industry. A lot of vendors don’t care about the people they’re serving and I want to make sure that my people know I’m doing everything I can to make this experience focused on them, and that I truly care about the way they feel.

The photos you post are more artsy and creative, do you take family photos and bridal party photos?

Yes absolutely! After losing so many people in my life, I realized that the family photos and photos with your closest friends are some of the most important of the day. I just normally don’t post the smiley photos.

My Mom is paying for our photographer, can you edit bright and airy to make her happy?

Nope! I will not compromise my art and vision to suit someone else. Regardless of who’s paying for your vendors please remember that this is YOUR wedding and you have the final say in all of the decisions. Please, Please, Please make sure you love everyone you’re working with and aren’t picking businesses Because that’s what someone else wants for your wedding. You get to do this once, might as well make it all yours.

Do you edit everything yourself?

Sometimes if I’m really busy and I just want to get photos out I’ll hire someone to edit sessions/weddings for me. DON’T WORRY though, because they use my presets and I personally go through and make adjustments when I receive them from my editors. Everything I deliver is 100% up to my standards.