You have Questions, I have answers

If you care more about moments than details, do you still take detail photos?

YES! 100% yes. I won't devote a lot of time to it, or prioritize it, but I do shoot the details!

Do you take family photos or bridal party photos?

I sure do! Family photos are, in my opinion, some of the most important photos of the day. How often is it that a whole family can actually come together?!

The same can be said for the bridal party! These are your closest friends and I wouldn't miss a chance to get a couple of photos of the whole group together.

How many photos will we get back?

I guarantee 400 individual photos with all of my wedding contracts. I deliver every photo in color and b&w and for an 8/9 hour wedding I average between 500-600.

Do we get the copyright of the images?

No, I don't release the copyright. Mainly because that prohibits me from being able to use the images online in any capacity unless I get permission. For the most part people get copyright and printing rights confused, and I do grant printing rights/social media sharing to my clients.

Can you make me skinnier? Can you fix this in photoshop?

No & No. The way I photograph is meant to tell the TRUE story of the day. It would be a disservice to my clients or their friends/family for me to "fix" things in photoshop, because that's not what you really look like. Please remember that you're beautiful and you don't need to be "fixed in photoshop."

Can we have access to the raw files?

Nope. I hope you're hiring me because you love my work and not because I was the easiest person to book. When you book me you're getting an entire experience, and part of that is not seeing the less than magical files before they're ready to send off into the world.