Engagement Session Guide

I love Engagement Sessions.
I love going on hikes,
standing on the edge of cliffs,
and wading through rivers.
But mostly I love getting to know my clients.
And seeing how they interact with one another.

I want us to connect
and be comfortable with one another.
I want us to have fun and also get some great photos
to spruce up your wall with.

I want you to have something to look back on.
To have a story to tell your friends.
I want you to look like YOU.
Because you’re not always wearing a suit and a wedding dress.

I do have some suggestions to help
with planning an engagement session.
Because this stuff can be stressful, and I want to help in any way I can.


What to Wear

Do: Wear something you’re comfortable in.
Do: Wear simple items that flow well, or that you can move in.
Do: Wear clothes you aren’t afraid to get dirty.
Do: Bring extra options just in case.

Don’t: Wear sweats or workout gear (including tennis shoes).
Don’t: Wear graphic tees, overly tight/restrictive clothing, or see through items.

Location + Time

Pick a location that’s unique to you.
Or one that you’ve been wanting to explore.
We could go to where you had your first date.
Or we could hike the Gorge.
We could have the session in your home,
Or we could do all three.
There are no limits to location.

I love shooting in new places and environments.
Or places that are very inspiring.
But mostly where you and your love are comfortable.

As far as time goes,
I prefer to shoot at sunrise.
To me, the light is so much better.
Plus you get the shoot out of the way early
and can go about your day as you normally would.
If sunrise is to early for you then afternoon also has nice light.
The light is always amazing around two hours before sunset.