Downtown Lexington Session, Chris + Mark


Chris and Mark’s Downtown Lexington Session by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

I met up with Chris and Mark in downtown and we pretty much walked the whole backside of the it. We went through victorian square and then down through short street and finished up in the 21c hotel. I’ve also never met someone that literally knew everyone we passed on the street. I think we stopped around 5 times because Mark is just that awesome and popular. Actually, they’re both pretty awesome.

I feel extremely fortunate that I get to work with such sweet genuine people like Chris and Mark. I’ve known Chris for a couple of years because he modeled for a friends vintage shop (Ragbag Vintage) when she was just getting everything started. He’s a wonderful model if anyone in the area needs one. Also, Mark is an actor so if you see any of the plays in Lexington you might recognize him. They’re definitely both a creative power couple, which is so so cool to me. I can only dream about meeting someone with an equally cool creative outlet.

P.S. I’m getting a bit behind on blogging because it’s peak summer season for me. I promise I’m trying to get new content up and on the site as quickly as possible.