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I'm not a traditional photographer You won’t find faked moments or awkward smiles within my work. Why? Because you’ll look at these photos later in life and know it wasn’t real. If you’re concerned about getting dirty or just want me to show up and shoot, then I’m not the photographer for you, and that’s fine. It doesn’t hurt my feelings if you decide to go in a different direction, and I’d be more than happy to help connect you with photographers who may be that perfect fit.

How to Get Creative Images At Your Wedding by Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

You’re probably here because you want creative images at your wedding (you’re in the right place). I consider myself a creative photographer mixed with photojournalism. I look at light differently, I’ve figured out my own way to do double exposures to make them unique, and I shoot at night and in dark spaces as often as possible. I’ll always deliver images that tell your own unique story, but I may not always be able to provide you with some of the more elaborate creative images that I do.

I create these images based on opportunity, surroundings, light, and the way my couples interact. If it’s not the perfect storm and everything falls into place then I simply can’t do it. Me not being able to make something like this for you isn’t a reflection of you or your wedding/session either. It’s a reflection of me and where my creativity is at. These images take a certain type of flow and a certain type of environment and it’s not always possible to achieve. I don’t want any of my clients to think it’s ever their fault that I couldn’t pull this off, which is why I’m sharing some tips of how to help me  make these images. 

Creative Images At Your Wedding

Make Time for Portraits

One of the biggest reasons I can’t create unique images for clients is because they don’t make time for me to shoot and see whats happening. I’ve shot six hour weddings for couples who gave me 45 minutes to do their portraits and I was able to make GOLD. Likewise, I’ve shot ten-twelve hour weddings for couples who gave me 15 minutes or less for portraits and I wasn’t able to make the creative stuff happen. I wont be able to creative images at your wedding if I’m not given the opportunity. 

Trust Me

The creative stuff also won’t happen if you question what I’m doing or seem unsure. I’m not going to continue trying out of the box things if one person in a couple scoffs at my ideas or doesn’t want to listen. I can’t make you want to do the things necessary to get the shots, but I also can’t deliver the shots without having you trust my creative process.

Please don’t question when I shoot into the sun. Please don’t question me not using lights for night photos. Please don’t roll your eyes if I ask you to do something. It’s ok to tell me no, but you may not get the results you see splashed across my work that way. I can’t magically photoshop you into these scenarios, it takes participation on both sides.

Please Don’t Ask Your Friends and Family to Come Along

Not only will you be more relaxed and willing to shoot creatively if no one else is around, but you won’t have someone telling you what to do other than me. I’ve had Mom’s, bridesmaids, friends, Aunts, etc etc try to tag along during portrait time, which normally I wouldn’t mind, but on wedding days they tend to over step.

“You should have them smiling”
“Why are they looking that way? Why aren’t they looking at the camera?”
“You’re not supposed to shoot towards the sun!”
“Why don’t you fluff her dress?”
“Turn this way so I can get a photo!”
“Why are they doing that?”
“Why don’t you take a photo over there!”
“Move so I can take a photo”

And it goes on and on and on. Not only is this VERY distracting for my clients, it’s distracting for me as well. I can’t stay in a creative groove or even get into that groove if I’m being questioned by someone who isn’t my client every other shot. 

Likewise, my clients can’t get in a comfortable groove with one another and me with someone constantly telling them to do something else or questioning my every move. If I’m being questioned and asked why, then my clients are going to start doubting me and be less receptive to my direction, which is not great when I’m trying to create. 

Creative Images at Your Wedding


Try to enjoy the moment. Just take a deep breath and pretend I’m not there. I know that having your photo taken is hard. It’s uncomfortable sometimes and can be a really strange experience, but it’s going to be fine. I promise. 

Shake it out if you have too. Relaxing and taking this moment by moment will make the experience and the photos so much better. I’ll be able to tell in the images if you were tense or stiff, and you definitely don’t want that. 

Don’t Ask For An Identical Image

Like I mentioned above I am a very opportunistic creator. I can’t guarantee that the settings or light are going to be available to create an image like one I’ve done in the past. I won’t copy other artists so why would I copy something I’ve done previously? It wouldn’t feel right to me and would feel like we’re just not trying hard enough for something one of a kind. 

If you mention liking a certain image or style I’ve done before I will take that and mold it into something new and unique if all of the pieces are there. 

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