Snowy UK Couples Session, Cassie + Adam

Cassie and Adam’s Snowy UK Couples Session by Lexington Wedding Photographer Brandi Potter

Cassie is one of my best friends, and an amazingly talented photographer. Seriously, her work is amazing. Not only am I able to bounce ideas off of her and talk to her about the hard stuff, she’s helped me so much when it comes to my website and logo. I honestly wouldn’t have my site where it is, or anything really, if it wasn’t for her. If you don’t hire me, you should definitely hire her.

These photos were taken last winter at the University of Kentucky’s Arboretum. It’s a beautiful little park, and one that I use to frequent a lot when I was in college. Heck, I still frequent it now, but mainly for sessions. If you ever visit Lexington and have some time to walk around and see some things you definitely need to stop by it. snowy UK couple session snow uk couples session Lexington Ky wedding photographer Lexington wedding photographer Destination Wedding Photographer Best Destination wedding photographer Best Lexington wedding photographer Best Lexington KY wedding photographer Best Louisville KY wedding photographer Best Louisville wedding photographer Best Kentucky wedding photographer Kentucky wedding photographer Lexington Ky wedding photographer Louisville wedding photographer Louisville KY wedding photographer