Hi, I'm Brandi

I’m an award winning wedding photographer soon to be based in Los Angeles, CA. I started my business in the midwest back in 2015 and I’m ready for the changes that the west coast has to offer. I’m really just moving to be closer to In-N-Out, but that doesn’t matter.

I’m an INFP or INTP depending on the season. As far as the enneagram goes I nearly tied for a 3w4 and a 8w7. So basically I’m an introverted boss lady if you’ve never taken a personality test.

I'm a lover of travel, dogs, & plants. I seem to spend more time in airports and on airplanes than I do at home with my two pups, Fry & Zapp (yes after Futurama characters). That also means I have to get a friend to come over to water my 70+ plants while I'm away on adventures.

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My Shooting Style

I’m more of a hands off, natural kind of shooter. I won’t fake moments, because you’ll look back in 20 years and know that it didn’t quite happen that way. I want to photograph the real real stuff. The stuff that makes your wedding day unique and all you.

I don’t typically spend a lot of time photographing details. I do them, and I do them well, but they aren’t my main focus while shooting. I’d hate to be photographing the details and then miss a tearful hug between you and your Mom or your Grandma coming in and seeing you for the first time.

While I don’t show them, I do believe that your family formals are some of the most important images of the day. Sure, it’s a hassle getting everyone together and can feel like herding cats, but it’s rare an entire family gets together. People unfortunately don’t live forever and this is part of their time with you.

During portrait time I like to have a lot of movement. I generally will put you into some sort of pose and give you a prompt so that you’re interacting with one another and not me. I want your photos to feel natural and for you to be able to see yourself in them. We’ll most likely do ONE of you all staring at the camera and smiling (Grandma loves those) but that’s it. The fake smiling stuff just doesn’t feel as genuine as an impromptu tickle fight.

Why am I a wedding photographer?

because I freaking love weddings

I love every part of a wedding day. I love the slow paced and the fast paced. I love the way your family and friends come together. I love the way everyone just loves on you during the day. And I especially love when you get to see your soulmate for the first time.

Weddings are landmarks in peoples lives and they deserve to be photographed beautifully by someone who actually cares about them. This isn't just a job to me. I don't photograph people for instagram fame or to get rich. I do it because it's so important to me that YOU leave a legacy to your family.