I’ve been asked several times for the preset that I use on my work, so I thought I would put together a pack of the ones I use most of the time. I do finish my photos in ASE, and those presets aren’t included, but if I got enough interest I could add them to the pack.

BP3, BP4, and BP5 are my main presets. BP3 is my b&w. BP4 is what I’ve been using when I can be a bit more creative. BP5 is the main preset I use for all of my paid work.

All of the before and afters are a one click preset application. The photos that don’t have a before had their WB and Exposure adjusted.

These are only for Lightroom.



Cooler, high contrast, deep blacks, squashed whites, and less saturation/vibrancy.



Muted colors, squashed whites, a little contrast, warm shadows, and cool highlights.



High contrast, bright highlights, squashed whites and blacks, and deep shadows.



High contrast, squashed highlights/whites, turquoise blues, strong blue highlights, and some golden shadows.



Warm, pulled blacks, squashed whites/highlights, & deep shadows



Bright, warm, vibrant, crushed highlights/whites, pulled blacks/shadows.



Moodier, high contrast, less vibrancy, warm shadows, and cool highlights


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